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The Team

We help companies take full advantage of the tools of the digital age


Accompanying freelancers & companies in their growth

With the various crises that our country is going through (strikes, social conflicts, COVID…), companies must accelerate the digitalization of their uses and working methods.

Mobility, Data, SaaS integration or development of specific tools, Cloud & security infrastructures…

These are all structural issues that the members of our collective have been working on for many years with VSEs and SMEs to help them position themselves and make informed choices for an optimized budget.

Between projects for clients on a in-house services or on a contracted-out basis, our model allows us to build and develop the fundamental building blocks of our digital projects, and thus to train continuously.

Listening to the market, we observe the needs & trends in digital uses, and produce components & stacks adapted to the identified technical issues.

We use these stacks for our own projects & partnerships, with the objective to become and remain a fulfilling and enriching development studio for its members and the organizations that call upon us.


Agility and Resilience are the key words of our action.


We are looking for expertise and versatility to be technical partners of quality and proximity.

Our thoughts and projects around flexible & ready-to-use technical kits allow the companies that work with us to digitalize their processes & launch projects faster.

These different kits can be reused for many variants. They allow us to avoid in advance the technical problems that may be encountered, and allow the team to gain experience in the technical but also functional areas concerned.

We do this in a spirit of challenge and benevolence for our customers and collaborators, in accordance with our values of autonomy, initiative, collaboration, transparency and resilience.

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Our collective of developers is committed to working with companies that have a positive impact, are optimistic about the future and are ambitious in their digital development.

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